My life mottos: "I wake up every morning determined both to change the world and to have one hell of a good time. Sometimes this makes planning the day difficult." - E.B. White.

"Everything in life is a work in progress. Never whole, never finished."

I aim to live a life full of adventure, gratitude, diversity and moderation.
420 FESTivities #sweetwater #atlanta
This morning, I’m super excited to announce that I’ll be the official instagrammer of @cntrpntmusic festival! Follow this page for all buildup, behind the scenes footage from the shows, and to see Kingston Downs the way I do through my lens.. #itwontbeanormalweekend
5 years ago, I was given an assignment to redesign any album. I chose Pretty Lights “Filling Up the City Skies.” Next week, Pretty Lights will be filling up the city skies of Atlanta (ok Kingston Downs) @cntrpntmusic festival and I’ll be backstage documenting every second of it. #dreamcometrue #tbt (top insert= all original photography)

can’t wait to start working with Chris again next week! So amazing to see how far life has brought the two of us since our college days and his first company/blog, PB&Jams.Apr 17th, 2014 11:34pm